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Welcome to Nouveau Décor, a professional painting and decorating company. With a reputation built on 40 years of trade experience, knowledge and old school practical decorating skills, Nouveau Décor uses natural and traditional paints and materials to work hand in hand with old buildings and listed properties. Our products also have a positive effect on our health and the environment. Concentrating on natural and traditional paints, we strive to consistently produce high quality work which is achievable by using the correct products. The products that we use are all chosen by myself through research, experimentation, practise and customer feedback.


Health benefits: There are no offensive or lingering chemical odours, and reduced indoor pollution from ‘off gassing’ chemical toxins. This creates a more comfortable and safer working environment which is free from acrylic resins, ‘plastic’ and hazardous chemicals. The results are reduced health risks for the user and the client, whilst being beneficial to those with chemical sensitivities and allergies.

Environmental benefits: Natural ingredients are obtained from renewable and sustainable sources. Less energy is required during the manufacturing process and any leftovers can be composted. Safe natural ingredients that come from the earth are returned to the earth.

Structural benefits: Breathability is continually referenced, so what does it mean? It’s the ability of water vapour to move through a material. Natural paints have a breathability value which is 20 to 25 times better than synthetic paints. This results in increased vapour movement and fewer problems with damp and decay.

Many paints on the market claim to be environmentally friendly, but this does not always mean they are natural paints. In some cases a natural paint may contain a small amount of synthetic material. Take time to look at the data sheets; the list of ingredients should not contain any chemicals or acrylic resins.

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